About us

About us

Hello Parperians! On this page we are going to tell you how ParPer Drum came about and appeared. Do you want to know? Keep reading, it is a pleasure for us that you are interested in our story.

ParPer Drum was born from the union of Jontahan Paris and Nerea Pérez, we are totally self-taught artisans and artists, who following what really made us feel alive, we found a place where we can create our family and be happy, and above all, make the world happy. rest. Because we are not only co-workers, we are also life partners. Trying in this way that the bad moments were no longer so bad for any person. Thus creating a link with you, because at ParPer Drum not everything is a simple buying and selling process, but we are always supporting you along the way, being by your side when we need you most, no matter what happens.

The name of our brand is born from the union of our surnames, Paris and Perez, the surnames also of our son. It is made up of the Par de Paris and the Per de Pérez.

Jonathan is dedicated to playing and manufacturing these wonderfully incredible instruments such as the Handpan, Steel Tongue Drum and Tank Drums, thus being the main Luthier of the brand, and Nerea decorates all the instruments, as well as being the Luthier of Kalimbas, both always looking for balance and perfection in our creations, although our training is continuous, because every day we learn something new and we are always trying to improve, studying the best options and creating increasingly wonderful instruments for you. Always personalized and based on what you need, whether to meditate, sessions, compose music, or even to play at home, since everything is important, down to the smallest detail.

If you need anything, you can contact us through the web chat, by clicking on the button below for the contact form, or Clicking here to talk on Whatsapp.

We will be delighted to speak with you.

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